I gave the new Salts Confidence Be Soft Convex bags a go…

Hi readers!

Recently I had the amazing opportunity of visiting Salts Healthcare for a day with the company of my other half. Lots of exciting things happened on this day, including getting to see where & how Salts’ ostomy bags are made! I will do a write up on my day in the future, but today I am going to feedback my experiences from giving the new Salts Confidence Be Soft Convex bags a go.

During my visit, I got given a lovely sample pack of these new bags to try & to be quite honest, I was like a kid at Christmas with excitement (nerdy, I know, but I wouldn’t be any other way!)

Which bags do you currently use & why?


Other products pictured here – Salts No Roma ostomy deodorant & Respond Healthcare barrier wipes

The Coloplast Sensura convex bags because I have used Coloplast Sensura flat bags most of my time of having an ostomy (nearly 8 years) & recently found out I might benefit from convex so switched to those. The adhesive on the bags I found to be the best out of the bags I had tried. In fact, they were the only bags I found that I could leave on all night, have lots of wind inflate my bag and it still be completely on by morning!

Tell us a few things about the Salts Confidence Be bags…

These bags caught my eye as soon as I saw the flat drainable range had been released. 3 of the things that caught my eye were:

  1. The variety of colours – being the first ever range to offer a choice in black, white & stone.
  2. How much less of a clinical look the bags have.
  3. The material – it looks as well as feels nicer & seems less likely to soak up water from showering etc.

IMG_E7751 (1).JPG

My findings & the things that get a ‘thumbs up’ from me

I have tried the bags on & off (when I’ve had enough samples in supply!) over the last few weeks & overall love the Confidence Be Soft Convex bags. I have never seen such a cute ostomy bag in my life than the Confidence Be Soft Convex in size ‘mini’ but have been giving the standard size a go as this is the bag size I usually use in day to day life. There are quite a few things I love about this bag, so I will list them below:

  • The five sided wafer – instead of being a continuous base plate, the outsides are divided into five sections (almost looking a little like a flower!), helping the bag to fit & adhere to the skin with our body contours. I have experienced some of the adhesive on the Coloplast bags I currently use coming a little unstuck around the outside from ridges where I have been moving around e.g. from standing to sitting or where my ostomy bag goes slightly over my belly button. The Salts wafer definitely adheres more to the creases in my skin.
  • The material – it feels smoother & less clinical, as well as being significantly less crinkly & quieter in noise. This is super nice to not feel so much like a crisp packet laying there when your bag is full of wind!
  • The look – loving the choice of colours as I like to mix it up a bit even depending on what colour top I’m wearing & they don’t look as “poo bag” like as the covers remain opaque even when wet (with the black bags I tried).
  • The filter – I get significantly less ballooning in this bag from wind build up.
soft-convex-drainable-medium - Copy

Credit to Salts Healthcare

Things I would like to see

The outlet of the bag is good in the sense that it doesn’t scratch my leg or rub against my skin from the cleverly designed tuck-away feature which allows you to fold the bottom upwards into a discreet space. However, the outlet when emptying became a little messy in between empties. It was a little fiddly to empty, ensure it was properly clean & that my fingers stayed clean too whilst doing it, however, they kindly sent me a video to watch with tips on this & after having followed this I have got on much better so will continue giving them a try & testing this out over the next few weeks! The link to the video if anyone wants to watch it is here. I also personally don’t like the fact that you can see inside the bag at the very top of the black bags at the back, but this is more personal preference and not easily visible to anyone else if you aren’t looking for it. It’s definitely something I could get past. I gave the stone coloured bags a go last night and the back of the top of those you can’t see through, so happy days!

My final thoughts & rating

Overall, I would give the Salts Confidence Be Soft Convex bags a big thumbs up & a 9/10! 🙂


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