Enjoying the “simple things” with an ostomy

Happy Tuesday readers 🙂

I ran a poll on my instagram last week & this topic was the clear winner. Thank you to those of you who voted! I will keep the other ideas in mind for future blog posts also as I had quite a few people message me & say they would be interested in them all.

The simple things

So I guess you could ask “what do you mean by the simple things?” To me, those things don’t require much planning to do & are almost aspects of our daily lives that maybe, chronic illness or otherwise, can get overlooked.

What did you enjoy before your surgery?

As depressing as it may sound (well it was!), I didn’t enjoy things easily or without pain before my operation. Crohn’s restricted me in so many ways, ranging from pain levels to having to plan or re-plan my day based on how close I needed to be to the toilet (& how often!) Then, something someone without an illness might not understand to be a big achievement and a rarity was being able to drink or eat without pain. Another example would be being able to last at college for a day without needing to leave early or ask for deadline extensions. I tried to find enjoyment in the super “simple” things, such as focusing on the warmth on my hands from a cup of tea, having a comfortable bed to lie in when I was in pain or having family around me to make me smile ♥

Name ONE thing you have enjoyed recently thanks to your ostomy…

Having an evening walk with my other half in the countryside with a mango & pineapple smoothie in hand, golden hour sunlight, warmth on my skin & a nice breeze in my hair. No rush toilet trips needed! I still struggle with fatigue, so feeling okay to do something like that makes it even nicer when it does happen ♥ The picture above needs no caption… just beautiful.

Name 5 “simple things” in day to day made possible after surgery/recovery

  1. Going on a drive without planning toilet stops and/or wearing thick pads just in case.
  2. Holding down a full time job.
  3. Enjoying the smell of food cooking without pain/nausea.
  4. Washing underwear without copious stain remover/having to give in & throw your favourite knickers in the bin (cheers Crohn’s, such a delight!)
  5. Not having to spend more than a few minutes on the toilet at a time!

Don’t get me wrong, having a stoma has down sides & bad days, which I would like to cover in a future post. It’s important not to sugar coat it & make out that a stoma will take away all your problems, but with this post you can see even how my stoma brought me a quality of life, instead of just being in constant physical pain just milling through day to day trying to hold on and being so desperate to make the physical pains go away!

What is something in your daily life that you enjoy that you may overlook at times? Please feel free to comment & help others who are maybe having a tough time to see what difference the “simple” things can make 🙂

Until next time,







3 thoughts on “Enjoying the “simple things” with an ostomy

  1. Jenny in Neverland says:

    I read this post earlier when I scheduled it for your advertising package and loved it! I think it really hit home how much healthy people take for granted. It did for me anyway. I don’t think it matters who you are or what you’re going through, it’s ALWAYS good to focus on the small and simple things in life. They can really lift you up. But in your situation, that’s even more important. And I’m so glad you’re getting to enjoy those little things without even half the worry and pain you had before! x


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